Habit tracker PWA

About this project

Habit Tracking app built using React JS with Gatsby intended to be a PWA and is currently in development. The app automatically tracks habits by waiting for the user to check off their daily habits and will update the habits to reflect missed days when the user doesn't check them off.

The demo is currently available to try out and comes with some sample data to show the intended usage but is not currently ready for production with real users.

The app is also my first project to use Jest and Cypress tests in a serious manner to ensure that the development process goes smoother. With a project with a lot of features and moving parts, it's very easy for the code to break for any reason during development. As a result, I've made it my priority to ensure quality test coverage on as much of the code as possible, which includes Cypress e2e tests which run directly on the site itself as if it were a real user trying out the app.

Technical Sheet

  • Client:
    • Gatsby
    • React
    • GraphQL
    • JavaScript ES6
  • Testing:
    • Jest
    • Cypress
  • Design:
    • Figma
    • Balsamiq Mockups