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Android Project for CST-499: Capstone

About this project

This project was an Android app that was intended to help solve the parking crisis at California State University, Monterey Bay to allow students to find and reserve parking spots before they made it to school. Then if they wanted to, they could conduct a currency exchange for the spot itself to transfer daily parking passes which are typically bought once per person and last the entire day. For students leaving campus, they could get some of their money back for the money they spent by selling their daily pass to another student without a semester parking pass.

This project was for my Capstone for Spring 2017 at CSU Monterey Bay and was completed as a group project with 2 classmates: Ryan Grabar and Mason Lopez. My role within the group was to work on the client-side, Android, alongside Ryan Grabar to develop the Google Maps API to plot a heat map to show sample parking data over the map of parking areas in the school.

In the end, we had a working login which would authenticate the user using their CSUMB account and would be able to view the parking lots via Google Maps and see a heat map of fake parking data.

Had we continued the product, we would have been able to hash out the other necessary features to move forward with using the app for a real world scenario with live data from students using the app.

Technical Sheet

  • Android
  • Java
  • Google Maps API
  • Neo4j
  • Express
  • Balsamiq Mockups